Senior Design


For our aerospace senior design project my team designed a family of light sport aircraft.  A trainer 2 seat aircraft and a single seat competitive aircraft.

We worked in a small team to design a two-member family of an aerobatic, and trainer light sport aircraft.  The trainer aircraft was required to be capable of preforming 6G/-3G maneuvers while the competition aircraft was required to preforming 6G/-5G maneuvers.  Each aircraft was required to be able to maintain 10 minutes of inverted flight.  The two aircraft needed to use 75% of the same parts by weight to increase the ease of production.
Our design met and exceeded all of these requirements.


To verify hand calculations for lift and drag values I conducted simplified simulations of full aircraft computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using STAR CCM+.  A simplified version of the aircraft CAD model was imported into STAR without the landing gear or propeller.  Drag coefficient and lift coefficient were found to be comparable to the values found using hand drag and lift build ups.